Google Translate for Android Updates Add Image Translation

The Android Translate app made by Google was updated today; the most notable update was the addition of image translation. What that dose is you use the camera in your device to take a temporary photo of some text you want to translate then it will have you mark with your finger what parts have text you want changed, then it will put the original text and the translation to whatever language you want in the main window.

Of the 64 languages that they support most were showing the image option, but some such as the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese don’t let you do this yet and those symbol based languages would be nice to have this for people such as me that don’t speak and can’t write them ether. But they did update the Japanese handwriting to understand more than one character at once.

Other improvements include translate as you type, dialect preference for speech input and checks to see what type of network you are on for better speed.

You can get the update on your phone by opening the Play Store or by going to the Play Website and installing or updating it there.

Also expect more Android News and Tablet info coming soon as I gear up for more articles to build out this site!

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