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The time has come for something new, this site was initially created in 2012 as another Technology News and Reviews site. That site did ok, but wasn’t what it all turned out to be, and was left to bit rot away in 2014.

After some time now in 2019, I have had a rebuild of my own, learning computer science, coding, more IT, web development, business, and a bunch of other fun stuff. I also thought it would be great to create some good tutorials on how to program and have fun starting out. Thus the recreation of this site started too late at night.

I hope to have new posts coming up with detailed, easy to follow written text and a 20-40 minute video to help understand the content. The content does take time, but I hope I can keep motivated to get something out weekly for a few months.

So what happened to all the old posts? Nothing, they all still exist on this site in the old categories, but in an additional category called Archive that is hidden from the front page.

The first set of tutorials I am writing and working on is going to cover C# using .net Core. From there, I want to get some simple HTML and CSS. Later will be Windows GUI with XAML, PHP + MySQL Websites, MikroTik Routers, SIP Phone Systems, Building your own computers, Servers and Hosting, Virtualization, and much more.

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