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The time has come for something new, this site was initially created in 2012 as another Technology News and Reviews site. That site did ok, but wasn’t what it all turned out to be, and was left to bit rot away in 2014.

After some time now in 2019, I have had a rebuild of my own, learning computer science, coding, more IT, web development, business, and a bunch of other fun stuff. I also thought it would be great to create some good tutorials on how to program and have fun starting out. Thus the recreation of this site started too late at night.

I hope to have new posts coming up with detailed, easy to follow written text and a 20-40 minute video to help understand the content. The content does take time, but I hope I can keep motivated to get something out weekly for a few months.

So what happened to all the old posts? Nothing, they all still exist on this site in the old categories, but in an additional category called Archive that is hidden from the front page.

The first set of tutorials I am writing and working on is going to cover C# using .net Core. From there, I want to get some simple HTML and CSS. Later will be Windows GUI with XAML, PHP + MySQL Websites, MikroTik Routers, SIP Phone Systems, Building your own computers, Servers and Hosting, Virtualization, and much more.

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Site Updates

Yes this site has been quiet for some time, but it was going in the wrong direction of what I was trying to take it in. I did lose interest because of how the posts and what the posts were about. Also I started going to University and lots of my time was taken up by going to classes and normal family life. But with how I have classes setup next semester I hope to spend time on this site.

So expect some updates, and a different way of posting content, not so much a facts list and more of a “here are my feeling about xyz” with some facts listed that matter. More changes may come also, so we’re back to posting.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, in the coming months of 2013 there will be a large amount of new tech news with CES13 coming up when big tech companies try to sell suppliers there new products they will make available this year. This brings new tablets, tvs, computers, phones, and lots of other gadgets.
Hope you have a good year, and Tek4.Me will be here to bring you tech news that is useful, while getting things back up and going now that the holidays are over. Were working to get more content every day.

Tek4.ME My New Technology Blog

A few weeks ago I quit my normal crummy job that wasn’t helping me with my goal of working with computers, technology, or the internet. I had gotten my degree as an Information System Administrator but the job market for IT workers is very hard because there aren’t that many jobs where I live, but I had a few ideas on how I can still have an income.

First I have done some service calls for a company installing Internet, and those pay good for the work, I also have some friends that has been offering to get me doing the service calls they do but in my area. Because these calls aren’t consistent I plan to do some other stuff with my time when I’m not just taking care of my kids.

So my plan is to write on my Technology and Gadget blog Tek4.ME as much as I can. It will have topics such as news about upcoming Apple, Microsoft, Google, and other Companies new products and services. The blog will also have tips and tricks for best using your technology and online services. Some of the articles already up include my Hands on Review of the Nexus 7, information on why YouTube won’t be part of iOS 6, and what’s new in Windows Essentials 2012.

Finally I would also like to start building a few websites a month; this would be things like setting up and building a site using WordPress or Drupal for any type of business or organization. If interested check out more information at Grand Junction Computers web site.

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